The Mandalorian – Sound Re-Design

I would love to work on a Star Wars project in the future. It has the most recognisable soundscape of any new media in the world and was one of the reasons why I wanted to work in the audio industry. After watching series 2 of the Mandalorian there was a scene which I thought that captured the perfect essence of Star Wars and wanted to re-design the audio from that sequence.

Re-designing the audio from anything Star Wars related is no mean feat. It’s so recognisable to everyone that you cannot change the sounds without making sure it fits within the space of Star Wars. Changing sounds of certain iconic sounds are a no-go though. I took that into account when designing the sound of the TIE Fighter in this clip. I have a library of Star Wars sounds which I used but then added my own twist on to them just so it’s relatable but different.

This was a great re-design to work on and I used a mix of library and my own recordings to create this short clip from a great sequence. My favourite sound in the clip is that from Baby Yoda which is actually my 14 month old nephew.