Blipsounds Monthly Challenge

The Blipsounds Discord server provides its members with a monthly sound design competition. A clip is provided from a video game or trailer which you then need to replace the audio with your own. The challenge is usually you can only use own recorded audio/from the Blipsounds library or synth. Sometimes other challenges appear including only using sounds from your mouth. Here are the entries I have made below.

March 2021 – Jedi Fallen Order

This entry was great to work on as I am a big fan of this game. The challenge was only to use recordings uploaded to the Blipsounds Library or your own recorded audio. Most of the audio in this clip was from the library using fireworks, cinder blocks and woodwind instruments.

January 2021 – Demon’s Souls

I do not own a PlayStation 5 yet so have not yet had the thrill of playing this game as of yet. However I do know from clips online what an amazing sounding game this is and wanted to do it justice. Again this was audio only from the Blipsounds Library and own recorded audio. Luckily someone uploaded a scream so I didn’t have to provide one myself. 

June 2020 – Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Probably the most fun I’ve had out of this competition. The focus is on UI sounds for these strikingly different games and the only source that could be used was your mouth. So all the sounds you hear are from my own mouth. Great way to get creative creating these sounds. 

May 2020 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

This clip was designed with a selection of sounds which was provided when entering the contest. In total there was roughly 6-7 sounds to use to recreate this attack. 

February 2020 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Another clip which was designed with sounds provided by the contest runners. Only 3 sounds were provided to recreate the audio for the Ice Climbers jump attack. 

January 2020 – League of Legends

Another challenge where only 3 sound effects were provided to recreate this teleportation move.